Blog Post: Understanding Type Accelerators (Part 2)

PowerShell comes with a number of hard-coded type accelerators that serve like aliases for commonly used .NET types, and since they are a lot shorter than the original type names, they “accelerate the typing”. A little-known fact is that the list of type accelerators is extensible. The line below adds a new type accelerator named “SuperArray” that points to “System.Collections.ArrayList” You can now create new “super arrays” (which behave just like regular arrays, but come with a bunch of extra methods to insert or remove elements at arbitrary positions, and append array elements much faster than with regular arrays): [ PSObject ] . Assembly . GetType ( ‚ System.Management.Automation.TypeAccelerators ‚ ) :: Add ( ‚ SuperArray ‚ , [ System.Collections.ArrayList ]) $a = [ superarray ] :: new () You can also convert regular arrays into “super arrays”: PS> $a = [superarray](1,2,3) PS> $a.RemoveAt(1) PS> $a 1 3 Note however that you could have done the same without type accelerators. They just save typing: PS> $a = [System.Collections.ArrayList](1,2,3) PS> $a.RemoveAt(1) PS> $a 1 3 ReTweet this Tip!

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