Forum Post: Geek Sync | 3 Secret Configuration Changes to Make Your Existing Indexes Run Faster

Most DBAs and Developers know how indexes work and how to write efficient queries. However, the secrets of efficient indexes and queries are actually hidden in behind-the-scene configurations. When these essential configurations are not set correctly, database application performance goes downhill. SQL Server Optimizer Engine produces many different possibilities and helps build an optimal execution plan for any query. Join IDERA and Pinal Dave on Wednesday, August 15 at 11 AM CT as he walks through three of the most important settings that help SQL Server Optimizer Engine write better execution plans with indexes. This session will not discuss query rewriting or index modification. Instead, Pinal will discuss the secret configurations which are often ignored or overlooked by SQL experts. This session is for everyone who wants to improve the performance of their system without making any code changes. You can register for this Geek Sync here . This Geek Sync will be recorded and available in our Resource Center .

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