Forum Post: RE: Anyone using Team Server for Business Glossaries?

[quote userid=”118678″ url=”~/databasedevelopment/database-administration/data-modeling–architecture/f/data-governance/26888/anyone-using-team-server-for-business-glossaries/51056″]How to add ‚Term Entity Types’ other than „Business Terms”[/quote] You’ll want to go to My Settings -> Admin -> Term Entity Types. This will allow you to add additional Term Entity Types. [quote userid=”118678″ url=”~/databasedevelopment/database-administration/data-modeling–architecture/f/data-governance/26888/anyone-using-team-server-for-business-glossaries/51056″]How do I view a list of active discussions?[/quote] I’m not sure if there is an easy way to do that. If you are following an object that has a discussion then you will see the discussions in your stream. [quote userid=”118678″ url=”~/databasedevelopment/database-administration/data-modeling–architecture/f/data-governance/26888/anyone-using-team-server-for-business-glossaries/51056″]close discussions[/quote] Currently there is not a way to close a discussion. I would suggest writing an enhancement for this. [quote userid=”118678″ url=”~/databasedevelopment/database-administration/data-modeling–architecture/f/data-governance/26888/anyone-using-team-server-for-business-glossaries/51056″]remove inappropriate discussions[/quote] You can delete comments that are made as an Admin user. There should be a big delete button next to the comment. [quote userid=”118678″ url=”~/databasedevelopment/database-administration/data-modeling–architecture/f/data-governance/26888/anyone-using-team-server-for-business-glossaries/51056″]move discussions from one element to another[/quote] This would be an enhancement request as well. [quote userid=”118678″ url=”~/databasedevelopment/database-administration/data-modeling–architecture/f/data-governance/26888/anyone-using-team-server-for-business-glossaries/51056″]Why don’t our E-mail notification subscriptions work?[/quote] If you’ve set it up then it should work. I would suggest opening a support case to look into this. [quote userid=”118678″ url=”~/databasedevelopment/database-administration/data-modeling–architecture/f/data-governance/26888/anyone-using-team-server-for-business-glossaries/51056”]How do I import content to a Business Glossary?[/quote] On the Glossaries page, in the top right hand corner there’s a button to load glossaries and terms. You’ll have to have the info in a specific format so it may be better to export first to get the format and then import. Hope this helps.

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